Hyrac Box works as a Mobile Server. Turn it on, then up to 25-devices connect to it via WiFi. Each device can individually surf various resources and apps just like the internet, but offline.

Hardware Features


Supports connection to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, & computers

Offline Support

Access all the features without the need of internet connection

Efficient Battery

Optional 4-15 hour battery life, & consumes a low amount of energy.

Local Storage

Comes with a standard 64gb and options of up to 400gb space.

External Connections

Easily connect to a  USB / external storage.

Quick Setup & Easy to Use

Simple enough for a 10-year-old to 

get it up and running in minutes.

Hyrac Box Mobile Server can be customized to

meet your unique needs. This includes solutions for education facilities, workshops, businesses, NGOs & more. 


The box is not limited to just delivering resources, but also collecting and distributing information through various applications.

A Platform

Within a Box

Software Capabilities 

Backup Solutions

Save important information online to the cloud once-in-awhile.

Data Transfer Offline 

Easily share information between connected devices.

Build Custom Apps or Sites

Create or transfer your current web

app/site to an offline environment.

Unique User Data

Users can have access to individual data, tracking, & other local solutions.

We Run on Linux

This provides us the best server security, flexibility & technology. 

Open Source Software

We're built on IIAB open source & we welcome you to join the community.


Cloud Solution

Experience the cloud locally and enrich collaborations with ease. Through Next Cloud app you will be able to 

  • Share files with unique permissions 

  • Create folders, comment on files & other social features

  • Create unique accounts, calendars, & more.


Our Hyrac Box will enable you to go paperless, increase productivity and create a unique experience at various events.


Documents, presentations, surveys, quizzes & more.


Easily gather information from an audience in an organized manner






Have an interactive presentation with an audience through polling and more.


Easily distribute important information with multiple users all at once

Ready to build offline applications and don't have a place to run them? The Hyrac Box supports WordPress and other core technologies that allow entrepreneurs to create solutions for the offline market which consists of billions of people. 

Build Offline 



We have had various partners in sectors like education, healthcare, & NGOs use the Hyrac Box Mobile Server to impact people around the world.

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