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Implementation and content partnerships.

Our partners are various organizations whom we work with to customize the Hyrac Box to fit the various needs they might have.


On top of that, we have partnerships with content creators and aggregators to bring a wide range of resources and applications. 



Donors who support implementations & more.

Hyrac Box works to link donors to various NGOs that will use the Hyrac Box to empower and reach more people around the world.

We support our partners to create proposals, connect with donors & then finally support them in implementations and further planning for continuous work. 

Openculture Agency

Partners in Action.


Open Culture provides access to skills and knowledge in the form of multi-functional Open Tech Emergency Cases which gives rural and urban innovators a new point of entrance to key skills.


Hyrac Box worked with Openculture Agency to create a custom version that will allow their information to be used offline & also access to our various educational resources from other partners.



We're currently working with them in Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan. Our goal is to provide Openculture Agency with the tools they need to empower more people around the world.


in Action.


Waweza restores hope to impoverished communities by creating sustainable projects that provide relief, physical and emotional restoration, as well as the skills, jobs and resources needed to lift communities out of poverty and into abundance.


Our partnership with WawezaMovement has become one of the many ways we are bridging the tech gap for young kids in Kenya.​ We worked together to introduce technology and educational resources offline.



The most interesting part of our interaction with the amazing kids at the centre was getting to let them in on the basics of computer skills. We made sure that our sessions were interactive allowing them to ask questions and also tell us what they know about computers.


donor today

We're looking for partners who're doing awesome projects that are impacting lives around the world.  Our company works directly with organizations that want customizations for the Hyrac Box & we also work with donors to launch implementation projects through NGOs.

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