Hyrac Box Mobile Server

This is is an inexpensive mobile server that delivers essential internet content offline. You can access all these resources through any WIFI capable device such as a tablet, cell phone or your PC with ethernet.


Supports up to 25-devices, 64gb to 400gb space & optional 4-15 hour battery life on one charge. 



Currently only available on pre-orders with partners. Interested in joining the BETA partners? Contact US Today

Hyrac Experts


Support in ensuring that you properly implement the Hyrac Box for your organizational needs.


Remote checkups when needed & done through virtual diagnosis support.


Support to facilitators & teachers on deployment, maintenance & more.


A team of experts ready to support through our streamlined online customer support.

Consulting &


With the Box being a platform, we can be able to design and develop custom solutions around your needs. 



Want to support more than 25 devices or power a larger facility? We can discuss about hardware solutions as well. 

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