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South Sudan

I felt that this box was the future! Accessing resources without incurring extra costs is something that my community would highly benefit from. 

We have been having weekly programs targeting girls, another one was targeted at football players and Boda Boda riders. About 400 people have been directly affected by this program which is a massive impact for us.

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Askotec team jetted to Nepal with the sole purpose of introducing the Askotec kit to the people of Nepal and how they could utilize this to enhance their day to day operations. The Hyracbox which was recently incorporated into the kit also got to be part of this trip. 


"Yes. It is portable, cost effective and can be used without a hustle."
- Adam



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The beauty of this whole set up. We had more than 30 students sign up! From little kids as young as 8 years. The experience has been worth more than anything we would have bargained for!


The joy of touching a computer for the first time, learning basic computer skills, to students accessing free learning materials. We could clearly see it, but as I said, pictures can speak better for themselves.

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We believe that for the young generation to succeed, there is a need for them to acquire tech skills from a very tender age and for this to be nurtured overtime. This is why we have been working towards ensuring that we bridge this gap and change perspectives.


Our recent partnership with WawezaMovement has become one of the many ways we are bridging the tech gap for young kids in Kenya.



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We have had various partners in sectors like education, healthcare, & NGOs use the Hyrac Box Mobile Server to impact people around the world.

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