Journey to Empower Teachers & Students with ICT begins here


A break down of how ICT can empower Students & Teachers.


First training session with 5 primary & secondary schools.

Alpha Launch

Building the foundation for empowering 3,500+ schools in Tanzania.


Hyrac Tech & Bootstrap Africa are partnering to launch an initiative that would focus on bringing Information Communication Technology (ICT) into classrooms across Tanzania.

Our first event is targeted at working with five schools on a 3-day training focused on STEM teachers being introduced to ICT.

A teacher-focused approach will allow for easy adaption of technology in the classroom.


Our first training will focus on computer & digital literacy, utilization of ICT in the classroom and strategies for continuous learning.

The teachers will understand how to use a laptop, Hyrac Box, and projector within the classroom setting.  

Teachers will work with local educational content, learn how to curate their own content thus fostering  Independence and creativity on how to empower their students.

Launch of the Alpha Project

Journey to impact 3,500 schools and 2+ million students in Tanzania begins here.

The five schools that were handpicked will be the first to receive the ICT package we plan to launch.

Our goal is to ensure maximum impact as we find affordable and optimal ways to scale this to other schools.


This event paves way for our Mission in Africa. Our goal is to tackle core problems facing the education systems through affordable technology.

Our goal is to provide every school with a computer, Hyrac Box, & projector. Building an affordable smart-classroom experience.


Teachers accessing thousands of resources to use in the classroom. Including digital textbooks, videos, & interactive apps.

Equal Access

Entire classroom has opportunity to visual presentations, notes, and more unique content. Affordable way impact entire school.






Enable teachers to spend more time focusing on the students vs backs turned against them writing on the board. Utilize power of projectors!


Using the local curriculum content to teach & also an opportunity for teachers to create custom presentations, and more!


Even to this day, the most requested pieces of technology in a classroom in developed countries like America are; internet, computer, and projector.

Those three create a powerful ICT environment because they empower the teachers to maximize their capability of teaching students.

Our approach is to provide access to Thousands of Digital educational resources completely offline.

DAY #1

- Intro to Digital Literacy skills 

- Intro to the Hyrac Box 

- Content creation

DAY #2

- Applications in the Hyracbox
- How to integrate ICT in teaching


DAY #3

- Demo classroom scenario
- Troubleshooting session

- Q&A and Support


Join in on the first event that is going to be a spark on a movement that would empower millions of Tanzanian students through ICT.

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