We're partnering with organizations around the world who're doing amazing things with the Hyrac Box to impact people in developing countries. Their story is our story.

About Us

We're a tech-startup that was founded by 3 Kenyans in 2017 and since then we have dedicated our time and resources into building solutions that would empower the next digital generation in developing countries. In 2017 we focused on building the product through open source technologies and then in 2018 we launched the product through key partners who helped us validate the solutions.

The Founders


Joshua Kanani 

Head of Product Development

Steve Aura

Head of Business Development

Helen Kimaru

Head of Business


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Highlighted Impact Stories

South Sudan

I felt that this box was the future! Accessing resources without incurring extra costs is something that my community would highly benefit from.​

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The beauty of this whole set up. We had more than 30 students sign up! From little kids as young as 8 years. The experience has been worth more than anything we would have bargained for! ​​

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Our stories come from the people who have been impacted by the Hyrac Box, and this includes people from Ghana, Kenya and South Sudan. We're on a mission to spread the Hyrac Box to more countries and create lasting impact.


If you have any questions or want to request an interview, please feel free to contact us today.


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Disrupt Africa Article

Kenyan startup Hyrac Tech is bridging the connectivity gap with a mobile server that delivers internet resources to previously-offline communities.

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