Of the World Don’t Have Access to the Internet

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The internet has been able to help solve a lot of problems, connect people and allow for accessibility of knowledge at little or no cost. While this is true, we still have billions of people around the world with no internet access and in some developing countries, the cost of the internet can be so high, making it unaffordable

The Problem

Developing countries can spend up to 50x more to get the same access to the internet as a country in Europe.

( - How Bad Is Africa’s Internet?)

4 billion people still lack

access to the internet



Our team is currently developing cutting-edge technology aimed at creating intelligent solutions around the Hyrac Box. Check out our products and join us on the mission to support a billion people that are not connected.


Internet technology not only delivers valuable information, but it has been proven to increase efficiency and make life better for billions of people. We strongly believe that with more clinics, schools, and other organizations around the world having access to internet technology and resources, we will be able to bridge the gap between the connected and those with no connection.





We're focused on creating solutions that will be the foundation for individuals who have unreliable internet. We can't move forward as a society if others are left behind due to the lack of access to IT & information. 


This is why we have made it our mission at Hyrac Tech to empower the digital generation, and through the Hyrac Box we're focused on delivering offline digital solutions.


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