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We have partnered with other companies to create a Hyrac Box Dev Ed version that is packed with lessons, practice material and software to learn how to program offline. 

Including CSS, Java, HTML, Designing,  Android Dev and other langues.

Learn How to

Code, Offline 




At Hyrac Tech we believe in open source and empowering innovators by providing resources offline for them to learn and create freely. In the same way we used open source technologies to create the Hyrac Box. 

That's why we provide the Hyrac Box Dev edition and community to empower it even more.

HyracBox V.1
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Hyrac Tech
Dev X Community  

We plan on launching a community where we'll share great open-source projects that you can create using the Hyrac Box and other open source software and hardware. In turn, the innovators will share with the community their experiences & innovations. 

Our goal is to encourage people to create robots, drones, sensors, applications and other incredible projects that impact and solve the problems around them.

Ready to build offline applications and don't have a place to run them? The Hyrac Box supports WordPress and other core foundations that allow entrepreneurs to create solutions for the offline market which consists of billions of people. 

Build Offline 



Through our CCV program, we have been able to start building communities and outreach when it comes to open-source and developing. Our goal is now to intergrate the Hyrac Box into that experience. 


Our team is currently getting ready so that you can have the best foundation to launch your next innovation to Mars & beyond!

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The Hyrac Tech team is currently working hard to develop these solutions & spread them across the world. Follow us on Facebook, read our Blog or Subscribe via email to get the latest updates & experience the journey with us.

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