We're working with various health partners to create customized solutions that are focused on increasing efficiency in clinics & hospitals. We have also included access to thousands of health resources.


Providing health care solutions that don't require the connection of internet to run. This allows clinics to run more efficiently, stay organized & maximize on resources to help patients.

Custom IT

Health Solutions

Health Resources 

The Hyrac Box can be customized & loaded with healthcare resources including, videos, articles/books, clinical research, and more. This is the best way to deliver the latest healthcare information offline.


General Features


Supports connection to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, & computers


Allows 12-35 users to connect to the HyracBox at a time

Offline Support

Access all the features without the need of internet connection

Data Backup

Connect to internet once in-awhile to backup all the local data online


Comes with 64-125gb and supports external storage for more space

Data Transfer

Connected devices can download data from the HyracBox with ease

External Battery

Up to 10-20 hours of battery life & consumes low energy

Quick Setup

Only takes a few minutes to get the HyracBox setup & running


We have a team of Hyrac Tech Experts who have experience in technology. Our team can provide installment services, support and much more.


Our company is already in talks with health care providers in Kenya to ensure the right solutions are delivered.



The Hyrac Tech team is currently working hard to develop these solutions & spread them across the world. Follow us on Facebook, read our Blog or Subscribe via email to get the latest updates & experience the journey with us.

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