IT has allowed clinics and hospitals to run more efficiently and allow them to focus on what is important, the patients. That's why this clinic & hospital management  system will allow your facility to be powered by IT tech without the need of internet.


The software is an all solution, 360. It allows a clinic or hospital to be able to connect all the core staff members into one place to ensure that the patient is taken care of properly and has a better experience. 

A 360



at It's Best

Technology was made to increase efficiency, and in an environment where time is highly valued, this software is ready to created a better flow on what can be digitized in a just a few clicks.


Features Included


Supports Admin, Patient, Doctor, Outpatient, Nurse, Support Staff, Pharmacist, Laboratory staff, & accountant.


Allows patients to easily register on mobile device when visit clinic & or done manually on back-end

Track History With Clinic

Patient can track medical history, payments and future appointments at the clinic

Impatient Management

Manage all the hospitalized patients in a simple 3 step process

Prescription Management

Sort through past records & create new prescriptions for the patents

Bed Management

Room/Bed allocation, admit and discharge dates

Blood Bank Management

Be able to create blood groups and stock them with donor records

Messaging Features

Ability to message specific users and only to specific intended groups

Generate Reports

Be able to generate quick reports and even track the clinic performance report

Nurse Back-End

Manage patient information, write notes/log & assign to beds to patients

Diagnosis Managemnt

Create diagnosis for the patients, costs and go over historical data

10+ More Core Features

That's just the start, contact us to get the full list of features


We have a team of Hyrac Tech Experts who have experience in technology. Our team can provide installment services, training, support and much more. 

ready to get it?

Contact our sales team today so that we can ensure that the software is pre-installed into the Hyrac Box before you get it shipped out to you. 



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